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Milling machine manufacturer: How to deal with oil leakage of surface grinder?

Surface grinder oil spills, many users are most troublesome problem, but once you have the oil spill causes and determine the method of surface grinder, and its proposed improvements, the use of better results. Generally, the surface grinder leaks oil because of the following main problems:

1. The dust-proof plate on both ends of the workbench is oily. Generally, the surface grinder is not carefully assembled. The screws that fix the dust-proof plate gold penetrate the two ends of the guide rail and directly seep out from the guide rail. The solution is to use the surface grinder screw to wrap the tape. and then on into dense glue.

Second, the oil quantity adjustment is too large, open the rear oil tank cover, use a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust the oil valve switch separately, clockwise to adjust small, and vice versa to increase, the general oil quantity control is first clockwise lock and then turn Song 1/4 can be. The oil groove on the wear surface of the guide surface grinder is not open, it is too shallow or not in place, the oil can't escape from the side, it should be reopened in place; the oil hole is blocked, the oil is forced out of the guide rail, the oil hole is blocked. If the oil is too sticky or too dirty, replace the oil or clean the oil circuit. If it is an old surface grinder, the rail is too dirty, and the oil can be cleaned.

Third, before and after the screw leakage, if it is a new surface grinder oil leakage, generally the screw before and after the telescopic sheath is not installed, the two screws are not locked or the sealant is not well, if it is the old surface grinder, the screw should be replaced Sheath, re-seal the sealant.

After the failure, you must find the right cause, and the problem will be solved.

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